So what is this all about?

Good question. For my personal background and reason for starting this blog please see the about me page. I will not repeat it here, that would be wasteful.

In this blog I expect (but as a change driver my expectation for sure will change with little notice) to post regular insights, snippets, rants and mumblings around topics that interest me. The main focus of those topics will be corporate/operations quality. To be more specific you will read things about continuous improvement, lean, six sigma, problem solving, A3 problem solving, kaizen, P-M analysis, customer focus and the list will go on. I also know many fellow professionals in these areas and I will try from time to time to get some views from them as well.

We all have paying jobs from companies or run our own companies and as we want to be as open and as frank as possible with all of you we will maintain the anonymity of ourselves and the companies we discuss. Please respect this.

If you have any questions comment of the blog posts, tweet me @leantruth or drop me an email at:



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