Six Sigma killed my cat

Really it did. Tragic I know. I needed to cut costs due to some unforeseen expenses. I therefore did all the required analysis and implemented cuts in the areas where I was wasting money. One of the areas I identified was food for my cat. This doesn’t add value. So I stopped buying food for the cat. My money situation improved, the cat’s health, erm…. not so much. Eventually he died.

I studied the incident and I could only conclude that six sigma was to blame. The process of trying to improve killed my cat. My decisions in how I implemented the improvement methodology or my decisions on what improvement activities to execute had nothing to do with it. Honestly, it was solely the mistake of the process. 


(Please note, no cats were harmed during the writing of this post and the cat in question is purely fictional. In fact try replacing the word cat for innovation :))

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