Stop Strategizing and Start Leading!

Managers love to talk strategy. We all know this. It makes them feel really important and elite. That is obviously rubbish as all of them like it. They are just sheep. I hate managers, not for this reason alone but for many and I would much prefer that they were all more clever and more humble instantly. Lets think about this….

A manager, should be a leader, right? Yes of course. If I am responsible to manage something I should be leading it as well, that’s logic people. 99% of people who are managers are not leaders though. They believe that by managing well they are leading well. Wrong. If you are focusing on managing you are pretty much doing the opposite of leading. I’m a trained experienced professional… If I need you to write a weekly task list for me I probably need you to fit a diaper to me as well. You get it? Focus on goals, direction and behaviors not on task lists.

These thoughts came to me as most do during a conversation at a bar. The conversation was on how to instill a mindset towards quality in an organization and how to get people to understand it. (Bet you can’t wait to go for a drink with me now!) The conclusion was that it must be the middle managers that demonstrate the quality leadership. Not the top managers. If my production manager, shift manager is always on the shop floor asking the right questions and demonstrating the correct mindset everyday that is more powerful than a video interview with a Vice President in a plush office.


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