Problem solving is Bullshit and Other Bullshit




People can say the most hurtful things. No one has said to me that structured problem solving is bullshit but I can tell exactly when people are thinking it. It is not bullshit people, you attitude is. Just because it is not what you feel comfortable with or know doesn’t mean it is crap. The way you have been working for the last x years proves you can’t solve problems so why not entertain a new notion?

You want to be better at solving problems? Are you willing to push your comfort zone and try something new to get a result? If you focus on just the two things I list below you will instantly become better. I promise.

Be specific. Don’t use phrases like “machine stopped” or “out of specification” or what ever other mindless junk you have used before. It will not help you solve the problem. It will help you continue to be a lazy person. If that is what you want fine. Do that. Use phrases such as “bolt sheared”, “cylinder rod corroded” specify which bolt and which cylinder. This automatically brings you into the right area of where the problem is and will instantly put you on track.

Only work with facts. If someone says to you “I think the machine stopped yesterday…” yes that might be true, but it is not a fact. If the machine stopped yesterday, when yesterday? Who was there when that happened and why am I not talking to that person instead? Only work with verified factual information that you can see yourself. Don’t trust anything else as personal agendas, laziness and lack of care will cloud all other information. This will distract you from solving the problem.


If you focus on just these two things, forgetting about tools and method etc, I guarantee you will instantly become a better problems solver!


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