The King is Dead. Long live the King

You are never all powerful. Your life is only finite. Apologies if these things come to a surprise to you but they shouldn’t. Everyone is easily replaced in an organization and the grave yards are there to prove it. But I am not writing this to give you some sort of idea of grandeur or to knock those down. Rather to try to enlighten you towards the mindset of a quality professional. Humility is one of the greatest assets you need in life let alone quality. Admit when you are wrong. More importantly though, admit when you don’t know something and take the opportunity to learn! This also includes being willing to question your own knowledge when faced with alternative views.

This was a lesson I learnt today. It links to the post I wrote yesterday. I am on a training course at the moment and we covered 5W+2H but in a more continuous improvement context than a problem solving context. The trainer who I consider to be a mentor of mine showed very clearly why all 7 areas are important, particularly when you have to manage stakeholders and business cases.

Therefore please only apply my previous advice to straight forward restore standard problem solving.

Yours in humility


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