The Route to what is wrong

Routes are wrong. Really wrong. Do I have to explain why? Yes, I thought so.

Consultants love routes. They absolutely love them. Every time they see a situation at a client they suggest “In order to tackle this type of waste or improve in this way we need a custom route”. That will be xxxxxx thousands of euro please….

Routes are basically a way for people who know what they are dong to keep those who don’t in the dark. If I can convince you that you need my magician skills (and remember what we said about magic before people) to show you how to improve x or eliminate y, you probably aren’t clever enough to figure out how to do it yourself anyway.

So what is a route. Well it is a specific set of steps combined with a particular set of tools that is used to attack a certain type of problem or realize a certain type of improvement. Sounds alright doesn’t it! Problem x use route x. Which is fine until you get problem xxxx because maybe you can’t afford to buy route xxxx. What do you do then?

So what is the alternative? My advice is to learn what the consultants know. Don’t take the short cut as it is not the path to successful lean. The path to successful lean involves deep learning, self reflection, mindset and cultural changes. Build the deep knowledge and use the principals to drive activities. Then you will never have to buy a route again and you will be more lean than the consultants.

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