Why Yoda Was Wrong

A really good article about why it is important to try, do not have the expectations that failure to improve is not an option. This will create a fear and resistance to trying. Start early, start trying.

Lean Renaissance

“No. Try not.  Do….or do not.  There is no try.”

Master Yoda, from George Lucas’ Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back


One of the most powerful words you can use while implementing lean is “try.”   It’s important to set this expectation early.  It’s as important as understanding that there is no rank or authority when you’re embracing kaizen and that there are no stupid ideas.  True kaizen is a process of trying small changes to understand how they affect the process.  Ideally, they will all be improvements, but in reality not all “improvements” actually have a positive impact.  But you must try them to understand why.

Even if some of the team knows something won’t work, it’s often worth letting people try things so they can learn by doing.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to do this because the premise can be explained clearly and is easily understood once explained.  Sometimes there are…

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