God Bless you Mark Graban

I’m young and occasionally I get a little carried away with my own ego and “I can change the world” attitude. So it is nice for me to be taken down a peg or two. Mark Graban did that to me today, and I thanked him for it. He reminded me of something I already knew, had read again earlier that day in one of Womack’s books and really should act out more. What did he remind me of? This:

@Leantruth No place for “name and shame” in #lean

There is no need to go into the background. I suggested he name and shame and the above was his response. Respect to you sir, you taught me a valuable lesson today.

If we want to improve and become more lean as managers, leaders, associates or whatever we call ourselves, we must respect people. That includes being positive about feedback In negative situations and not creating negative thought structures in the way we work. We must encourage, support, mentor and coach. Not berate, discipline or harass people.

Thank you Mark!

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