The Kepner Tregoe world of things

I love love love Kepner Tregoe processes. IS/IS NOT, distinctions and changes, DA, PPA. They are really fun to teach and really easy to use as a facilitator. I also think that whilst the 3 day PSDM (problem solving and decision making course) is intense and from my own experience when I first attended difficult to absorb everything, it really delivers an insight into how to be a more effective individual.

I have struggles with KT to some degrees but never to the extent that I would not use them or recommend them to anyone. I get very annoyed with people who challenge their IP and undermine it.

I am therefore very pleased with the 2013 PSDM upgrade. For those that do not know KT their material was last updated some time in the 90’s. It needed a bit of an update. This led to people still enjoying the course but a lack of take up of the tools in work without a strong management push. This new upgrade addresses all of these issues. A quick summary from my view is:

  • The training material itself links up much better between the instructor guides, presentation slides and the student handbook
  • The training cases have been updated and made more complex which makes them more relevant and engaging. They also provide a great demonstration of the power of apply the KT processes
  • The switch to video cases makes delivering the 3 day course much less of a physical effort for the trainer. I find this allows more energy for coaching during the case activities which is a big positive
  • The excel worksheet has been revised and is excellent! Especially compared to how it was previousl
  • The iOS application (iPad only, I think it is android as well) is great, I still need to play with this more though

So you can probably guess that I am very happy with all this. I think the changes above will result in a richer training experience, lower barriers to start using the process after the training and therefore justify how keeping training material centralised can result in a very high quality training experience and process interaction. Kepner Tregoe are pushing back the people who undermine their business by raising the bar significantly!

Good job Kepner Tregoe!