The Kepner Tregoe world of things

I love love love Kepner Tregoe processes. IS/IS NOT, distinctions and changes, DA, PPA. They are really fun to teach and really easy to use as a facilitator. I also think that whilst the 3 day PSDM (problem solving and decision making course) is intense and from my own experience when I first attended difficult to absorb everything, it really delivers an insight into how to be a more effective individual.

I have struggles with KT to some degrees but never to the extent that I would not use them or recommend them to anyone. I get very annoyed with people who challenge their IP and undermine it.

I am therefore very pleased with the 2013 PSDM upgrade. For those that do not know KT their material was last updated some time in the 90’s. It needed a bit of an update. This led to people still enjoying the course but a lack of take up of the tools in work without a strong management push. This new upgrade addresses all of these issues. A quick summary from my view is:

  • The training material itself links up much better between the instructor guides, presentation slides and the student handbook
  • The training cases have been updated and made more complex which makes them more relevant and engaging. They also provide a great demonstration of the power of apply the KT processes
  • The switch to video cases makes delivering the 3 day course much less of a physical effort for the trainer. I find this allows more energy for coaching during the case activities which is a big positive
  • The excel worksheet has been revised and is excellent! Especially compared to how it was previousl
  • The iOS application (iPad only, I think it is android as well) is great, I still need to play with this more though

So you can probably guess that I am very happy with all this. I think the changes above will result in a richer training experience, lower barriers to start using the process after the training and therefore justify how keeping training material centralised can result in a very high quality training experience and process interaction. Kepner Tregoe are pushing back the people who undermine their business by raising the bar significantly!

Good job Kepner Tregoe!


One thought on “The Kepner Tregoe world of things

  1. Hi there, a colleague had noticed your blog and let me know about it. Full disclosure… I manage the Kepner-Tregoe company blog which is located at . From time to time we invite practitioners of our processes to guest blog. Late last year we had a Gent from Australia describe his application of our problem analysis process to a Netflix interaction he noticed. Its located here . If you are interested, we’d love to have you as a guest blogger. I think many would love to hear about how the PSDM upgrade from someone other than ourselves or, you may be interested in writing about some other application of process. Either way, please do let me know if you are interested. And last, we’re real happy that you like the upgrade. We worked real hard on it! I’d love to hear from you.

    David Kossoff

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