Toyota Recalls Again

Stop the presses, bring out the voices of disbelieving people Toyota has issued another recall on a previous recall. Is my sarcastic tone coming through? So what? If you want to read about it, look here. People are obviously questioning whether this is evidence that Toyota is still on the way down after their highs. I would rather say that it is evidence of Toyota’s honesty than anything else. I cannot really see an American or German car company admitting it made a mistake twice, can you? 

This brings up the usual, “what happened to Toyota?” discussion. It is very clear people, it really is. They lost focus. They focussed on becoming big rather than continually improving. This loss of focus was only temporary though. If you want a great view on it I recommend reading this brief article. I think it sums up the whole situation of what happened at Toyota well. I do not think Toyota is the sort of company that will make the same mistake twice. Is yours?



4 thoughts on “Toyota Recalls Again

  1. I read a japanese blog or article recently and it summed up reactions of Japanese to various corporate failures of Japanese companies incl Fukushima- someone there said they wished sippoku was brought back for corporate ceo’s. We could introduce it in the financial industry in the West 🙂

  2. I love the thought on honesty. True, Toyota became focused on becoming big over quality to an extent. The attractiveness of becoming bigger and bigger tempts most businesses when they go through that phase. Lulu Lemon recently had the same issue. They were known for great quality and now their being hit left right and center due to bad quality (see through pants). Why? Because they lost sight of what made them successful and got all caught up in the glamour and glitz of expanding and becoming extremely popular.


    • I love lulu lemon. And that is exactly why. Their stuff is such high quality compared to a lot of other brands in their segment. Thanks for the comment.

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